Windows and Doors Design

Extal brings innovation and craftsmanship in creating aluminum windows and doors . Below you'll find a large selection of design preferences and types of windows.


Japanese Design


A window is a structural form inside the room that interrupts the view. With the Japanese design the window structure is practically invisible. The outside view is unbroken and there is no internal frame. The Japanese system is a revolution in window design. It removes all disturding structural elements and allows glass to be what it should be transparent.

Japanese Design_extal



Belgian Design


Windows and doors from the Belgian design system are characterized by narrow indented profiles reminicsent of ironwork from the beginning of the 20th century. Usually this type of window or door is painted and finished in a metallic grain to give it it's unique vintage iron look. To compliment this design antique style handles can be used to complete the olden appearance.



Minimalist Design


The minimalist design has simplistic profiles which are slim and smooth. The modern architectural design philosophy behind this window dictates a minimal profile presence whilst maximising the glass area to create a unique and revolutionary dialogue between the inside and outside spaces.

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Urban Design


Initially concieved for industrial and commercial applications, it's imposing presence makes a powerful and dramitic design statement. It is characterized by bold and striking profiles yet at the same time are smooth and streamlined in appearance.

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Classic Design


This design comprimises the basic aluminium window and door frames that have been in use for more than fifteen years throughout the world. These profiles are relatively thick, designed with straight lines and joint corners at a 90 degree angle. These windows and doors have a standard appearance and would be found typically in the construction of appartment buildings and office blocks.

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