Quality Assurance tools

Quality Assurance tools

Measuring Tools

In Extal’s quality control department, measuring tools are used to check the profile geometry. This equipment includes calibrators of various ranges, micrometers and straight edges. In special cases where a particularly high level of precision is required, a measuring tool is specifically designed and produced to ensure a quick and accurate examination.

Similarly, the use of sophisticated thermometers ensures that a close watch is kept on the temperature of the products throughout the entire manufacturing process.


Technological Laboratory

In addition to the measuring tools, Extal makes use of a technological laboratory in order to carry out ongoing tests as to the profiles’ properties and thermal treatments. The mechanical test machine, with a workload of up to ten tonnes of tensile strength, acts as a tool for testing the forces the profiles can withstand before collapsing or breaking.



Extal is equipped with a spectrometer produced by ARL. The spectrometer is a tool for measuring the chemical properties of alloys. It is used to test the quality of raw materials. This ensures that the only raw materials used are those that meet our stringent requirements and standards.



Extal acquired one of the most sophisticated inspection machines in the world, for use in the aluminum industry. It is produced by Romidot. With this machine, it is possible to measure profiles of very complicated sizes and to obtain immediate results with accuracy of within microns. Similarly, the program can produce itemized measurement reports that are widespread today in the worldwide aluminum industry.