Mfg Frames Curtain Wall

Mfg frames curtain wall offers a glass facade with streemlined frames and very narrow gaps between them.

A curtain wall of framed glass panes fixed mechanically to the curtain wall structure.

ThisDesign offers a glass facade with subtle lines and narrow gap in between them.
Using this method gives a very unique building facade with subtle aluminum frames and Fugues of up to 20 mm between frames seamless silicone.

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combinations in curtain wall

Hinged or sliding Door,Sg door,hidden hinged window open out,hinged window open in,shades.


monolithic glass 6, 8, 10, 12 mm;laminated glass 8-15 mm;insulated glass 22-42 mm.


You can choose a color from Extal's color chart including (S) satin, (M) metallic or (G) grain.