Urban design U22h sliding door

The Urban design U22h sliding door system is characterized by profiles that are marked by their bold and modern presence. This design recently gained momentum in private homes and luxury homes

This system is built to incorporate an inner shutter between the glass panes and it is designed for heavy duty applications. The U22h sliding door system is suited for large openings
in particular. The system is equipped with lift&slide mechanism that enables easy manual or electric operation.It can also handle sash sliding doors weighing up to 400 kg.

This unique system is suitable for high floors residence building and huge openings
which are exposed to strong winds and  rain.


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[monolithic glass]: 6-12 mm;  [laminated]: 14-22 mm;  [insulated glass]: 23-28, 31-43 mm.



Locking mechanism with three locking points. Handles in a variety of
unique designs, including lift and slide that are uniquely designated to allow easy opening of heavy doors including possible electronic mechanism combination for sliding.


Maximum sash size

Width up to 250 cm, height up to 350 cm (weight up to 400 kg). Meaning, a double panel door could reach a width of 5 m and a height of 3.5 m. Incase you are interested in a larger size,   additional sashes could be added.



In this series we recommend the RAL and metallic color chart.

You can choose a color from Extal's color charts, including: (S) satin, (M) metallic or (G) grain.