Belgian design B22h sliding door for large openings

Belgian design B22h sliding door belongs to the category of products designed for large openings. The Belgian style is characterize by narrow aluminum profiles with a non-smooth surface.

The design's emphasis in this category, is a subdivision and combination of fixed sashes. In most cases, the sliding doors is a combiantion only of glass subdivisions. The B22h system is designed particularly for large openings and it is an result of a demand in the market for showcase doors in the Belgian style. It can reach a height of 270 cm, and slide elegantly.

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[monolithic glass]: 5-10 mm;  [laminated]: 6-12 mm;  [insulated glass]: 14-24, 31-37 mm.


Lock handles

3 points locking system, and a variety of handles to complete the look and design of these windows with handles in an antique appearance.


Maximum sash size

Width up to 90 cm, height up to 230 cm for single sash.



In this series it is recomended to use the metallic fans for an antique look with an iron appearance.