Our Vision

Our Vision



At Extal we are always looking forward to the horizon and into the future integrating the innovation while maintaining the moral and social values.

For us every customer dream is the bearer of new possibilities, we care about our clients, and take pride in our prompt and high level of execution.

Our mission is to grow as much as the horizon allows without affecting what already exists, to create great products from a fundamental thought, we believe that for every vision there is a flexible solution. For every concept, a structure that can carry it.

Our highly skilled and experienced engineers can be relied upon to council and support you at every turn, and to make sure your needs are met.

Extal manufactures custom-made aluminum profiles for any structure plan our customers present us with. Our goal is to help you cut costs while maintaining an innovative and high-quality product

We are always looking for new challenges, we are always innovate, we achieve every goal we set, we break all the mental block because we know anything is possible.


Extal believes in green manufacturing and positive environmental impact.. Use of our products reduces CO2 emissions, lowers energy costs, and increases energy efficiency.

As James Colins and Jerry Foras once said: " To set an organizational vision means being Clock Builder and not guessing clock time " - Extal never guesses we always build.