Extal Facilities

Extal Facilities

Aluminum Extrusion Plant:

Extal has two of the most advanced aluminum extrusion lines in the world. One line has a 1,800 ton press and the second press is 4,000 tons . In addition to suppling extrusions for Extal's window and door sytems, Extal produces a wide variety of standard and custom shaped extrusions to the open market. The standard shape offering includes bars, tubes, semi-hollows, angles and many more.




Die Production Plant:Die Production Plant

Extal produces and maintains all of its dies for the production of profiles. Our die makers in conjunction with our engineering department insure the finest quality die designs and construction. Quality assurance through preventative maintenance assures long lasting high performance dies for each of our customers.





Extal’s offers services such as fabricating, cutting and various punching all done according to customer specifications. There are various Machining tools in Extal such as :Fabricating, Punching, Pressing, Bending, Cutting, Thermal Insulation.





Powder Coating Paint Factory:Paint Factory

Extal has the most advanced, high tech paint line that meets all of the new environmental high standards.The paint factory  uses Corona spray guns which creates electromagnetic fields around the profile and produces a complete implementation of paint on the metal surface

This system allows us to quickly change the color shades  and  texture




Automated Warehouse:

Extal has an automated warehouse with a capacity to store over 1,500 tons of profiles.







 Logistics - Storage and Shipping:

Special care is given to the packaging and transport of profiles to ensure that products reach our customers all over the world and in the local market intact. We offer many different packaging options to suit our customers’ needs. Extal builds crates to customer's specifications and packaging options include cardboard and plastic wrap, wooden crates and steel banding.





The recycling process at extal  creates high quality aluminium which loses none of the physical properties of primary aluminium and also uses just 5% of the energy it takes to create primary aluminium. This is why aluminium is generally regarded as the worlds most sustainable building material




         customer specificationsAs part of Extal’s goal to comprehensively