Design Considerations

Design Considerations

When choosing the design line of aluminum systems that will integrate in your project, you must first answer the question: Is it a residential project or a commercial project?


Different home styles will need the appropriate windows to match and compliment their external features. For example the Colonial  home style that originated in New England would be complemented most by the unique vintage look of the Belgian design windows and doors. The mid-century homes often called the Ranch style homes built in the mid twentieth century which have very large sliding glass and large fixed framed windows would be  suitable for windows and doors from our Urban design range. where you are located will also influence the type of window and door which would be most suited to your home. In dry, warm climates in the southern states of America the standard aluminum window would be best such as the Classic design windows and doors. On the wind and rain swept east coast areas where keeping out the elements is essential, a thermally efficient window such as the Urban design windows and doors are the best solution. 



The Extal range has many commercial applications. Our range is incredibly durable ensuring its ability to withstand even the most hardwearing conditions. For commercial projects high durability and unfussy design is paramount. The Urban design range with its robust and streamlined design is a recommended choice for a wide variety of commercial buildings. Alternatively for apartment tower complexes where economy and reliability is required a standard aluminum window and door such as the Classic design range would make perfect sense. With luxury in mind and upmarket penthouse developments, the Japanese design with it's transparent appearance would make a striking architectural impact. 

Our curtain wall systems are the ultimate in any commercial project helping create strong design statements. If you are looking to create a seamless glass facade then you would be recommended to use the Mfg curtain wall system. For an emphasis on the vertical and horizontal lines of the external facade then the Mrg curtain wall system with customised aluminum glazing bar coverings would be highly effective. Alternatively the Msg curtain wall system allows the option of either accentuating the vertical or horizontal lines of the building.