Complimentary Product Design

Her approach unique and innovative design, which is reflected in the windows and doors of aluminum Extal expression also reflected the wide range of complementary products such as blinds, screens, shutters and railings. These complementary products can mix and match any aluminum system you choose.


The designed screen aluminium profiles are exclusive to Extal and  are suited to the different window and door systems. Extal has a wide range of screen types which include rolling screens, sliding screens, fixed screens and opening screens. They can be intergrated into any kind of opening sizes.

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Shutters allow control of the light that enters the house.  Extal's shutter systems dovetail seamlessly with all the windows and doors, that maintains the integrity of the design concept. Extal offers two types of shutters: roll shutters and slat shutters. They can be intergrated into any kind of opening sizes.

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Extal's louver systems for communal and private buildings comes in different types of design and sizes. With the increase in global warming, the need for shading solutions has increased immensely. Louvers guarantee energy savings and preserve the surrounding environment.

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Extal's technical expertise and precision are integral to their range of railings. Designed aluminium profile systems and intergrated glazing creates an all glass look without the need of columns. This steamlined and minimalist appearance is particulary suited to commercial applications such as shopping malls and boutique outlets.

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The Extal company invests considerable time and effort in sourcing highly durable and top quality affixing mechanisms and accessories from the best manufacturers in the world. From this extensive range of handles it is possible to find the one most suitable for the design and color that you choose for your home.

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